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  1. I want to buy a smartphone around rs.40000. Which one is perfect for my wants. My wants listed below.?
    Excellent Camera Quality even in Low Light, User Friendly, didn’t lag, Strong Build, I didn’t want more Apps on Store, I want only fewer essential Apps only.

  2. iphone 5 vs lumia 920 vs nexus 4 vs iphone 4s ….?
    alright guys 1st i wanna tell u that i change my phones like within 5-8 months …

    i have owned samsung captivate , iphone 4 and galaxy note was my last phone and now i wanna buy a new phone but i wanna tell u one thing that i want a phone now to which i can stick for atleast 1-1.5 years , because after owning these high end devices (when i owned any of the device they were high end of that time)

    i have noticed that i never use them to their full potential like i never download tons of apps basically only the ones which are useful for me like social apps (FB twitter instagram whatsapp skype) and i never played for high end game like fifa asphalt etc etc for a long time i mean i always install them try them for 1-2 days and then uninstall them but i always root them or jailbreak them (i m kinda a bit geeky in phones and laptops category) and i personally don’t like to switch phones very soon and spend/ waste money , so now i have decided whatever phone i buy i will keep it for a long time…

    And this is what i want in my phone or for what stuff i use my phone so you guys can help me out better …

    i want a very clean design( i also like to keep my phones like new )
    smooth user interface
    nice camera front and rear both
    good GPS
    nice screen
    a bit of brand name
    has to be in black color i hate white phones :D
    i play small games like pool etc to keep myself entertained for a while
    use internet (youtube , fb and tech blogging sites )
    photo editing (not like a pro )
    wireless charging or nfc or 0 shutter lag aren’t a big deal for me (camera should capture atleast 1 pic in 1 second and it works for me )
    dont use widgets much
    listen to music
    about the apps i have told you above

    basically thats it
    so you know my needs are kinda basic

    so here what i think about the phones i mentioned

    iphone 5

    build quality
    slimmer and lighter
    app store
    screen quality


    maps but i never consider apps as cons as they are apps you always have their alternatives
    for me the biggest con : black model’s paint on metal isn’t that great .. i have heard about it coming scratched out of the box and getting scratches … so i know after few months iphone 5 will have scratches on the side bezel and back which i hate really can’t tolerate that thing … and wont use a big case to protect it as iphones look sexy if kept with less cases i am kinda iphone bumper fans but that not good for the sides :/

    lumia 920
    build quality
    wireless charging
    best screen i guess
    best camera in low light
    free nokia navigation


    less no. of apps ( it doesnt have instagram) but its not that much of a prob for me i know it will come on W8
    nokia in india( of course i live in india ) drop their phone’s price very frequently which i hate like it will be available for 35,000 in india and i can buy it but after 2-4 months they will drop it to like 27-28,000 so why i paid extra money for :/ plus i wont even get a decent resale value for it then i know :/ i hate this thing
    seems fantastic but idk if i can bet money on nokia or not

    nexus 4

    screen SIZE
    wireless charging
    cheap ( for 350$ only 16 gig version)
    pure android


    design is ok
    biggest con for is LG .. i just dont like LG phones even if they are good etc whatever i just want LG to be written on my phone :/ dont like it at all

    iphone 4s
    build quality
    camera(works for me no probs)
    app store
    can be protected very well as well as keeping it sexy with bumper (silver scuffs aren’t that visible is any as they r visible on iphone 5)

    okay i personally wasn’t able to find out any con as whatever its technical specifications be ( m aware of it) but its still very smooth,it got brand as well and no reception problem like iphone 4 and no scratching problem like iphone 5 and it would be cheaper as iphone 5 is in market now so i kinda don’t mind much to buy it ..
    and old port is also isn’t a prob for me

    tell me your final thought and help me choose a phone wisely O:) and please be a bit detailed :)

    and by the way if your still reading thank you so much <3 thank you
    no gs3 or note 2 i hate their designs and …
    i have no problem with windows i kinda like windows UI and animations and apps like people music etc ..

    nexus has 16gig version available not only 8gig
    i ain’t gonna use 4g anytime soon so no 4g crap

    • Nexus 4. The iPhone will become absolete as soon as the new one comes out and you will lose your high and mightyness of having apple stuff. Get nexus devices, and you will get respect regardless how old it is.
      Statistically don’t bother with windows. Why? It’s windows, should not need further explanation.
      The Nexus 4 has a quad core 1.5Ghz processor which is faster than iPhone 5s equivalent to a dual core 1.4Ghz.
      Also you get 2GB of ram with nexus and 1GB with iPhone.
      In addition you get vanilla android with release date updates to the operating system.
      More android apps are free.

  3. I want to buy a smartphone around rs.40000. Which one is perfect for my wants. My wants listed below.?
    Excellent Camera Quality even in Low Light, User Friendly, didn’t lag, Strong Build, I didn’t want more Apps on Store, I want only fewer essential Apps only.