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  1. my life sucks nothing to look forward to?
    okay to start off im 13
    im young in 7th grade
    i have friends but there only my friends for gum and food very few are there to talk to me
    and the way i can tell this is that when i need them to back me up they go with the popular kids
    i basically do nothing
    except listen to rap music and sometimes play video games(but they get boring)
    i like soccer my mom signed me up and it was fun
    but know my mom cant take me
    so i just sit home all day
    after nearly 8 hours of school and then i take care of my twin brothers their not even 1 year old all day as soon as i get home from school so no free time. i mainly watch tv and im really addicted to detective shows even though im 13 i watch law and order svu and all the other ones.i want to be a detective when i grow up.now its time to talk about my mom i dont hate her im just sick and tired of her logic one time i asked her for a smartphone and i know she can afford one because she works as a personal Finacial advisor for wells fargo well she said do you think i can afford that.but you see she lies she goes to the mall and buys 300 dollars worth of clothes and then come back and when i found out about it i was irritated then she decides have sex and have my twin brothers(with my step dad)but you see in Islam my religion you have to respect your mom no matter what.but it still irritates me on how she is such a hypocrite.my biological dad is nice and affords me nice thing like last winter he got me a ps vita.but you see anything he gets me i hide from my mom like i show her once and then try to hide it.she is kinda overprotective. im only 13 and im either depressed(but i never show it)or never happy.at school i dont like any girls because of their personality(i go to ghetto school)so you see all they have to show is there looks.my so called friends always laugh when i try to talk see i’m not the most well dressed person(but i could care less)and then when i have chips or takis and gum they’re all the sudden nice.so you see i have nothing to look forward to in my life till i’m adult.but i’m not gonna suicide if that’s what y’all thinking.oh another thing is that all my teacher hate me. so what your advice.

  2. stardust delta or one of the god of war games?
    I currently only have 2 games for my shiny new ps vita and I am looking to purchase another cheap game from the online store for a trip I am going on. So, which would be a better purchase, super stardust delta (with the dlc included) for $15, or one of the psp God of War games ( most likely ghost of Sparta) for $20. The God of War games are both about a gigabyte larger than delta. please only answer if you’ve played both super stardust and at least one of the GOW games.

    • God of war games but they have naked women and sex in it a little xso don’t get ot if you don’t want to see that

  3. Why are Visual Novels not sold in retail stores in Australia?
    I’ve been curious as to why I always see Visual Novels being sold on Steam and how I never see them in stores like EB Games, Dick Smith, JB-HI-FI, Target, etc. I do understand that most visual novels are classified as eroge but there are ones that don’t have any sex scenes or stuff like that, I’m aware that Phoenix Wright counts as a visual novel but i want to know why there aren’t any other visual novels on Xbox 360, PS3, PC, PSP, etc being sold in Australia, and the reason why i’m looking for hard copies of visual novels is because i’m also a fan of Steins;Gate and I heard the original game came out on Xbox 360 (which i own) and also another why is because I have bad internet most of the time and i have to wait a LONG time before i can play any, so if anyone can offer some clarity on this i’d greatly appreciate it.
    ps I like playing visual novels with my 360 controller and thats another reason why I want console-based vn’s and I know that wired ones can connect to PC’s and play but i wanna earn gamerscore while im at it.

    • Hey I’m in Australia as well. The reason why you won’t find hard copies anywhere on a shelf is because there is no demand for it, they can only stock it if it sells well enough to justify the shelf space. And the tiny demand doesn’t justify the cost. We are an extremely small crowd. It is an extreme niche.

      Actually there aren’t any visual novels on the X360 that I know of that has been translated. Not even the PC version of Steins;Gate. there is no official translation for that.

      Steins;Gate does have a stealth-release fan translation (you can get a copy of it here http://fuwanovel.org/novels/24) but it is for PC. Also you cannot buy it, unless you import from Japan using a mail proxy. Places like JList also stock it, but these are import copies as well and their original language is in Japanese and they do a huge price markup so it is generally cheaper to import it yourself.

      The only visual novels I know on console is Nintendo DS ones (like phoenix wright, hotel dusk), PSP (Hakuoki), PS Vita (Zero Escape). There could be others.

      Actually, Blazblue has some VN-like elements if you are playing through the story. And that’s on the X360.

      There’s are quite a number of games that are under 1GB, try places like fuwanovel or erogegames, you should be able to find some that will download reasonably quickly.

  4. I need info about the game Assasins Creed…?
    What is it about, is it a good game, what are the best ones to get (Xbox), etc.
    Thanks :)

    • Is is an amazing game series. I will warn you though, there are some brutal killings in the games, some sexual scenes in the second game and it’s spin-offs, no nudity or actual sex though. And there is a lot of stuff about religion that is very controversial. Some people think its an anti-religious game because the enemies are the Knights Templar, but it’s actually pro religion because the people you play as, the assassins, are promoting freedom of choice, and while they are atheist, they believe that everyone has the right to choose what they want to believe in, unless they use it to their advantage like the Templars do. The Templars are bad because they want to bring world peace through the removal of free will and by turning everyone in to slaves. They use the church as a cover so that people will trust them, but many of them do not actually beleive in God and mainly use it as a cover so their true intentions are not found out by the general public.

      As for the main story, the game follows a modern day Asassin who is captured by the modern version of the Templars who are looking for an ancient artifact that would allow them to control the people of the world. They know that the artifact was hidden by an ancestor of the assassin and therefore put him into a machine that allows you to relive the memories of your ancestors, because in the games mythology, your ancestors memories, along with their genetics are stored within a person’s DNA.
      From there you take control of an Assassin from the Third Crusade and uncover more about who the Templars are and what they do. After the first game the modern day character escapes and the second game is about him looking for another artifact by reliving the life of his Italian ancestor from the renaissance period, who also turns out to be an assassin, this game has the best story in the series so far. Brotherhood and Revelations are both sequels to The second game and follow the story of the Italian Assassin until near the end of his life, while also showing more about what happened to the assassin from the third crusade in the first game and it answers more questions and brings a lot more elements to the story of the modern assassin.

      Assassin’s creed 3 is coming out in October and will continue the story of the present day assassin while having him relive the life of another one of his ancestors, this time being a half native American/half British assassin during the American revolution.

      The games you should play are
      Assassin’s Creed
      Assassin’s Creed 2
      Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood
      Assassin’s Creed Revelations
      Assasin’s Creed 3 when it comes out
      (These are all available on the Xbox 360)

      The first game is very repetitive and if you get to bored with the gameplay to finish, skip to the second game, it is a major improvement from the first, but still T least try the first because it is the base for the entire series and it explains why you do everything that you do in the other games.

      Brotherhood and revelations are also very good, but are more like Assassin’s Creed 2 part 2 and part3, but they are very fun and add a lot to the story.

      There are also a few spin-off games that if you have access to the consoles they are on and get really into the story are fun to try out but not necessary, as some are not the best and for the most part do not add anything to the overall Assassin’s Creed Universe.
      You can find a list of them on Wikipedia but here are the ones I recommend.

      Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines (takes place after the first game and is on the PSP and PS Vita as a download)

      Assin’s Creed Project Legacy ( a Facebook game that is connected to Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, it explores a lot of the mythology of the series and can unlock some extras if you connect it to your copy of brotherhood through UPlay, which is the game companies reward program that lets you unlock extra stuff in game, do not play until you start brotherhood!)

      There is also a game coming out in October called Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation, it is not a spin-off of Assassin’s Creed 3, but is still connected to it and is the only side game of its kind to be connected to the present day story-line, but it will only be available on the PS Vita.

      I hope this helps and that you will enjoy the series if you decide to play it! Sorry it’s so long, this is my favorite game series and I try to make sure people who are interested get their facts together on what it’s about instead of from people who only played the newest one or don’t understand what it’s about at all